Real-world insight to better manage your business.

Prism Skylabs condenses customer interaction into stunning, privacy-protected imagery and reports. Measure conversion, understand long-term trends, and dig in to powerful analytics — from dwell to footpaths to product lift — using the cameras you already have.

Prism Skylabs Overview Video

Real-time imagery to ensure a better customer experience.

Zoom, tap, and swipe your way around privacy-protected views of any aisle, shelf, display or store. Conduct visual merchandising from any location and get immediate answers to key questions about your business.

Prism Skylabs Overview Video

Connect to the cameras you already have.

Prism Skylabs automatically discovers and connects to your existing video cameras. Simply install Prism on your computer or local network, and we’ll do the rest. It’s easy. It’s fast. And it’s up and running in minutes. Prism Skylabs can be deployed globally across any number of sites, and be accessed from virtually any device — whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.


Transform video into something better.

Let’s face it: Video is notoriously time consuming to view. But hidden within video are the answers to key questions about your business. Was the store open on time? What products do customers pick up the most? How long are people waiting in line? Prism Skylabs answers these questions and many more. We condense customer interaction and movement into simple, privacy-protected images and reports that provide instant understanding of any moment or period of time. It’s an entirely new way to make data-driven decisions — and build a data-driven culture — that resonates throughout your entire business.


Get information to people who need it.

It’s no small feat to transform a video camera into a visual merchandising and business analytics tool. That’s why we’ve spent so much time developing our secure cloud architecture. And building a seamless experience for our customers. No throttling, no loading, no waiting. Just real-time, privacy-protected views of your business and stunning, information-rich visualizations. The answers to your questions. Ready when you need them.


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